Art of the Crime Serials

Her First Heist


Covering her flu-stricken sister’s shift, Sarah Leech works an after-hours jewelry exhibition at the Chicago Art Museum. When a handsome stranger asks her to dance, she agrees.

Jewel-thief turned informant, Nicholas Thatcher is finishing surveillance before the heist that will secure his freedom. He spots a stranger wearing his late mother’s bracelet.

Keeping her alive long enough to learn her identity becomes his top priority. When they discover a startling connection, they must work together and discover redemption is available for anyone with an open heart.

Her Last Estate


Nothing is what it seems for Leah Cartwright.

Visiting a client on another day as an auction house specialist, she needs to find something big to earn a promotion. With her frustrating intern at her side, she uncovers a hidden staircase and witnesses a murder.

In the midst of a race to safety, she discovers a painting in the cellar and learns her bumbling associate is actually a former forger turned civilian shield. When she finds the painting in the database of missing art, she stokes more questions.

If they can stick together, they might stay alive.