#WisRWA Write Touch Conference Recap

Last weekend, I attended the Wisconsin Romance Writer's bi-annual conference. Held in Milwaukee (this year), I left the Chicago suburbs on Thursday afternoon and returned Sunday late morning. I've been to several romance writing conferences (both National and local). I had an idea of what to expect. Every experience has been a chance to learn … Continue reading #WisRWA Write Touch Conference Recap

How I fared in the first three months of 2019

Good morning! I started keeping track of the words written every day in 2018. It's illuminating to see how much (or how little) I've been able to craft at any moment. In January, February, and March, however, I had a hard time keeping track of daily wordcounts, because I was mostly not creating something brand … Continue reading How I fared in the first three months of 2019

Why I write what I love and don’t worry about trends…

Newsflash: I'm not trendy. I never have been. As a kid in the 90s, I refused to wear jeans until middle school and lived in dresses. I was teased. I didn't care. I liked wearing dresses. (I still do, for the record. The number one stressor in winter is being too cold for skirts and … Continue reading Why I write what I love and don’t worry about trends…

I write my own $&@“(:! Books

If you're not aware of the #CopyPasteCris Twitter threads... A romance author seems to have been mixed up in a convoluted plagiarism and ghost writing scheme. A reader discovered the theft and since other authors have found their words stolen and repurposed. The whole thing is shocking. As a fellow Kindle Scout winner, I thought … Continue reading I write my own $&@“(:! Books

In the trenches

Happy Valentine's Day! This month has been a blur of winter weather headaches. Days off school for cold, snow, holidays, and teacher institute days have thrown me for a loop. In typical fashion, I bought a bunch of Valentine's Day "things" (cards, candy, table decor) at the end of January and then forgot all about … Continue reading In the trenches

Deep winter and the practice of persistence

My husband refers to January and February as deep winter. In our neighborhood, the first day back to school after the holiday break is the unofficial end of holiday lights. We live far enough north that the sun rises an hour after I wake and sets so early I confuse 6pm with midnight. To be … Continue reading Deep winter and the practice of persistence