The inspiration for A Perfect Picture of Us

It's 1 month and 24 hours to release day!!! (Click here for the pre-order on Amazon and click here for the pre-order on iBooks)  I'm sharing a little behind-the-scenes on how I came up with the story. In A Perfect Picture of Us, Jess Edwards is a popular lifestyle blogger in Chicago who is tired of … Continue reading The inspiration for A Perfect Picture of Us

A visit with Peggy Jaeger, author of Dearly Beloved

Colleen O’Dowd manages a thriving bridal business with her sisters in Heaven, New Hampshire. After fleeing Manhattan and her cheating ex-fiancé, Colleen still believes in happily ever afters. But with a demanding business to run, her sisters to look after, and their 93-year-old grandmother to keep out of trouble, she's worried she’ll never find Mr. … Continue reading A visit with Peggy Jaeger, author of Dearly Beloved

Teaser Thursday!

I'm so excited to share a teaser excerpt from my new release A Perfect Picture of Us, coming from The Wild Rose Press on December 17th (CLICK HERE for more info). “Jess, I shouldn’t have come. I really can’t give you too much information,” he said, suddenly unsure. Still gorgeous. Still unattainable. Sitting prim and proper, … Continue reading Teaser Thursday!

Countdown to Countdown to Christmas

This picture is from Pixabay but might also be EXACTLY how I feel right now! I love Christmas and in the spirit of Scrooge (more McDuck than Ebeneezer), I keep it in my heart all year round. As a kid, I watched VHS tapes of Holiday TV specials whenever I was sick. I am always planning … Continue reading Countdown to Countdown to Christmas

Book trailers and inspiration boards

Did you know I have a YouTube channel? A rhetorical question because I haven't mentioned it before. But! I'm hopping on the book trailer train starting with videos for my Golden Shores series. Just like a movie preview, the book trailer offers a glimpse of my novel. Click here to see the trailer for Tidal Patterns (Golden … Continue reading Book trailers and inspiration boards

Where I’m at…

At the beginning of the year, I started keeping track of how many words I'm writing each day. Predictably, I started the first quarter (January through March) with a bang but the next quarter (April through June) I shifted focus to editing and not crafting new projects. The third quarter (July through September) just ended. … Continue reading Where I’m at…