The Truth About Project Showbiz

Now that I've spilled the news on my next project (currently undergoing edits), Holidays, Inc., I wanted to share more of the story behind the novel I've referred to for several years as #projectshowbiz. In the romance writing community, authors often talk about the "book of their heart" or the passion project. Many authors, myself … Continue reading The Truth About Project Showbiz

“Timeless” Contemporary Romance?

Have you ever re-read a favorite novel and suddenly the story doesn't work? A book that you loved a decade (or longer) ago doesn't seem plausible any longer and you don't finish because it's too much of a stretch? Most historical romances escape this trap (but suffer backlash for antiquated tropes). Unfortunately, contemporary romance suffers … Continue reading “Timeless” Contemporary Romance?

My must-haves for a family cruise vacation

Long before I started writing Love Overboard, my cruise romance, I was just a traveller. I've taken five cruises (three on Disney Cruise Line). Hands down, cruising is my family's favorite vacation. We have plans to take two more in the next three years and--in light of the start of summer vacation--I thought I'd share … Continue reading My must-haves for a family cruise vacation