All about my romantic suspense serial, available on Radish. Final episode releases today!

Mistaken identity + fish out of water + revenge against an old foe

= a chance at redemption + love?

Radish is an app downloaded to your phone to read serialized stories.

A few years ago, I had an idea for two romantic suspense novels (following a pair of sisters entangled with a pair of former thieves). I started writing the books to push myself out of my comfort zone with a new sub-genre. Romantic suspense is fast-paced and high stakes. I had to end each scene with a lure to keep the reader turning the pages!

As I’ve continued to work on the projects, I learned about Radish offering serialized stories digitally. It’s a perfect fit for this project. I’m so excited to release the two stories exclusively on the site. Each scene is an “episode” and my readers can expect three episodes a week until the season finale in mid-May.

I can’t wait for you to follow Sarah Leech as she crosses paths with Nicholas Thatcher. One dance shouldn’t change a life. How about three?

Covering her flu-stricken sister’s shift, Sarah Leech works an after-hours jewelry exhibition at the Chicago Art Museum. When a handsome stranger asks her to dance, she agrees. Working around the clock to support her young son and pursue a dream, she figures one waltz gives her a fun story and potentially an important career contact.

Jewel-thief turned informant, Nicholas Thatcher is finishing surveillance before the heist that will secure his freedom. He spots a stranger wearing his late mother’s bracelet. Following her out of the museum, he spots two men stalking her. When the men stall a CTA train on the elevated tracks and start shooting, the night derails.

Keeping her alive long enough to learn her identity becomes his top priority. When they discover a startling connection, they must work together and discover redemption is available for anyone with an open heart.

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From your phone, you’ll be directed to the App Store for your device to download the Radish app. To unlock the story, you purchase coins and use those to access the episodes.

I am really enjoying writing serial fiction. I have another project coming soon–AND–am excited that Amazon will be launching their own app in the coming months. I’ll have both projects available on the Kindle Vella app and hope this will be a great way for Kindle readers to discover this fun new way of reading, too!

#TeaserTuesday Hope for the Holidays

A little sneak peek of Book 2 in the Finding New Hope Trilogy

(c) 2021

Striding along Main Street, Jill Howell bundled deeper into her coat, bitter wind lashing her bare cheeks. For a born and bred Wisconsinite, forgetting a scarf on the last day of March was an unforgivable rookie mistake. She curled her fingers in her leather gloves. In her rush to arrive before her assistant at her new job, however, she forgot the basics. 

After waking before five and drinking a pot of coffee, she considered her options. Her racing pulse eliminated a nap. Instead, she dressed in her favorite power suit, stuffed her heels into her purse, and strode toward New Hope, Wisconsin, in a wool peacoat, knit hat, and warm boots. 

Initially, the cold air neutralized the effect of caffeine on her nervous system. By the time she reached the diner two miles away, however, her skin burned from the twenty-degree wind chill. She couldn’t slow or reverse course. If she achieved her goal, she guaranteed a start to her day free from the tuts and sighs of her inherited employee. 

With less than a mile to her final destination, she surveyed the quiet stretch of street. In a few hours, the town of a few thousand would teem with life. Only a year and a half ago, New Hope was practically abandoned. With determination and a brilliant idea, the town reawakened. The problem with achieving a dream, however, was waking up the next morning and putting in the hard work to maintain the reality. A week into her mayoral term, she understood the weight of the community’s faith. For the past ten days, she slept poorly, anxious for each day. 

In her pocket, her cell vibrated. She retrieved her phone and swiped icy fingers over the screen, pulling up the text from Dani Winter

—I have something for you at the theater.— 

She dropped the cell back into her pocket. If she delayed, she wouldn’t arrive at City Hall first. A brisk wind howled. Knowing her assistant, she was probably already too late. She wouldn’t mind warming up. At the next block, she turned down the alley and entered a brick building through the side door. 

Warmth enveloped her like the flannel duvet on her bed. She sighed and stomped her snow-and-slush-covered boots on the mat. Turning, she muffled the sound of the swiftly shutting door and scanned the surroundings. She stood in the carpeted hallway, running the length of the building. Angled on a slight incline, mirroring that of the auditorium, she blinked and adjusted to the dim light cast by the original, brass wall sconces. In the renovations, the space hadn’t been updated. 

With Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day in the rearview, Holidays, Inc.—her family’s former movie theater turned into her friend’s holidays-only dinner theater—was quiet. The crew enjoyed a well-deserved day off. She pounded the carpet through the personnel-only hallway and knocked twice on the office door. 

“Come in,” Dani Winter, proprietor, said. 

Jill twisted the knob and stepped into another world. The pale blue paint covering the walls, built-in shelves, and ceiling matched the summer sky. She dragged in a deep breath and sniffed citrus-scented room freshener. If she shut her eyes, she was transported to a bright July day. When Dani first arrived in town, she brought California sunshine to the failing town. In the first nine-and-a-half months of operation, her business rapidly revitalized a once-forgotten manufacturing community. 

“Madam Mayor.” Behind the desk, Dani stood and grinned. 

The petite blonde with sapphire eyes shone in her tiny office. After growing up as a child actor, she carried herself with a different charisma from the rest of the Midwestern community. Jill finger combed the too-long bangs, peeking under her hat. Compared to Dani, she lacked sparkle and remained as worn-out as the town’s before picture. “I don’t know about addressing me so formally.” 

“I like the title.” Dani stroked her chin. “It suits you. You won by a landslide.” 

Her friend’s self-assured words radiated pride. Jill dragged in a shaky breath. “I had a lot of help.” Dropping her bag to the ground, she tilted her flushed cheeks from her friend’s gaze. For the second time in forty minutes, she regretted leaving her scarf at home. 

#TeaserTuesday Hope for the Holidays

A little snippet from Hope for the Holidays

(c) 2021

Jill shook her head, and her chin trembled. “I’m so sorry. I had no clue.” 

“What happened?” He pinched the bridge of his nose, scrambling for any clue about the situation. No stranger had stopped in and asked him any questions about the building. A steady stream of tourists entered the store but no single moment stood out. Over the past year, he had several normal encounters with members of the city council at various functions. Last Thanksgiving, he stood on a ladder and strung lights on the memorial in front of City Hall, smiling and exchanging pleasantries with the council members. 

No one stopped to warn him. Had the property already been sold at that point? How could he not have known? He dropped his hand and sighed. “When did the town council decide to sell my property?” He rolled the papers into a cylinder. 

“I don’t know.” Jill held up her hands. She set her mouth in a solid line. 

He smoothed his free hand over his scalp. With his world spinning off its axis, he clutched onto her honesty. “I slipped from a year-long lease and into a month-to-month arrangement in the fall.” He shook his head. “I wasn’t paying attention. But I’ve saved enough. I can purchase the building. Mayor McKinney promised me he’d give me warning. I should have talked to the city months ago. I got busy with the new business and distracted. I have the money.” 

“I don’t know any specifics. I rushed over as soon as I heard.” Her back rounded, and she hunched. 

Extending both hands toward her, he tightened his grip on the rolled paper, crinkling the sheets. He snapped to attention, dropping his arms to his sides. While his instincts urged him to close the gap and comfort her, he held a more pressing concern. 

She raised her chin. “I’ll find out. I can talk with the town council before the meeting tomorrow night.” 

He recoiled from her clear blue-eyed stare, drawing back his chin. Gripping the papers with both hands, he twisted the cylinder like a towel. Exposing his troubles to the community at large was the absolute last option he’d choose. “I don’t want everyone talking about my situation. Only a handful of people know I sold. Won’t questions jumpstart speculation about my family?”