I love January/I hate January

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I love a fresh start. I’m a sucker for Back to School sales. New notebooks, sharpened pencils, bright folders? Yes, please! Getting organized makes me feel good. After the holidays, I put away the decorations and open my brand new planner and get to work on mapping out the year ahead (first big picture then quarter by quarter).

But the very same-ness of every day in January, following a month of almost no routine in December, grates on my nerves. By the end of the second week, I lose track of the date because forward progress of my goals is so minimal (and it’s still so dark outside).

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the results of consistency. Putting in a little effort day in and day out can have a big consequence! I know this!

I’m an air sign and my rising sign is another air sign, aka I thrive on chaos. I feel stifled when every day is predictable. I like being busy. Often, January is a ramping up month with not a lot happening (besides illness and kids’ events).

My only cure is getting outside. The weather hasn’t been too cold where I live (although that is now changing) making it possible to enjoy the outdoors in little spurts. I completed a 5k mid-month and am encouraged to keep up my training for a better time in an April race.

With the help of weekday morning virtual meet-ups with friends, I finished a very strong draft of my third cowboy book. I’ve also been working on short stories, a new challenge I’m enjoying. I’m setting myself up for a good writing year and that makes me happy. When I do reflect, I have had a full and successful January. But I keep looking forward, and I’m excited for what tomorrow can bring.

A Perfect Sale

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Did you make a resolution to read more in 2023? I’ve got a deal to get you started!

My first book with The Wild Rose Press is on sale on Amazon.

Chicago lifestyle blogger, Jess Edwards, built a successful brand based on the pursuit of perfection. From throwing a party to decorating a home, every post is magazine spread worthy. Leo Martinelli, the law school study partner she never mustered the nerve to kiss, shows up in the middle of a photo shoot, and she’s thrilled for the reunion—until he serves her with a lawsuit.

Attorney Leo never thought he’d see Jess again, not after she disappeared halfway through the first semester. For the past ten years, he’s measured every woman who’s crossed his path against her. This meeting is his chance to say good-bye and finally move on from his unrequited crush—before relocating overseas.

To salvage her reputation, Jess has no intention of settling. To obtain the future he’s worked hard for, Leo can’t lose.

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Missing Christmas? Read my latest book!

Christmas makes me feel better.

When I was a kid, I’d watch the VHS tapes of Christmas movies and specials my mom recorded on sick days. It didn’t matter the month. Christmas was always the cure.

For me, Christmas is not about presents or Santa. The season has always symbolized hope and possibilities. In the years I’ve needed it the most, my faith has been the light for me. My favorite parts of the holiday are not material. I love the time with my loved ones, the excitement about what’s coming next (which is so nice! As an adult, don’t we find ourselves dreading the unknown too much? With kids, it’s easy to remember the joy of a brand-new day.)

Her Homegrown Christmas Wish is the final book in a series about forgiveness and hope. Each book is its own complete arc but the stories are interconnected in telling a complete story about second chances. I hope you enjoy the books and find the message encouraging in this brand-new year!