True North continues…

While I’m editing the next book in the Golden Shores series (more to come!), I’m working on my next project. Across the Lake is my last full-length novel in the True North series. I have loved this series and these characters and am not quite ready to say good-bye yet. So I’m in the midst of working on two novellas, hopefully to be completed and released in the fall.

The first novella I think of as Off the Dock (True North 3.5).

Eric’s story, On the Rocks, is a location change. He needs a break from Darcy and from the tiny island they live on. I was excited to take Eric back to his (and my!) alma mater in Bloomington, Indiana.

But…my heart is Anchored in the Bay. I couldn’t leave Madeline Island behind so easily.

The epilogue of Anchored in the Bay is Ed & Emily’s wedding. And due to Tawny and Francois’ takeover of the event, it went from quickie courthouse ceremony to grand affair and takes fifteen months to happen.

In between the last chapter and the epilogue, a LOT happens, including the events of Tiny Island Summer and On the RocksBut I still had more to add. Why is Francois suddenly leaving, as mentioned in the epilogue? And where is he going?

I hope you’ll enjoy my short interjection between On the Rocks and Across the Lake following Emily, Darcy, and Francois. Stay tuned for news and release dates and in the meantime…

Happy reading!