How one book changed me…

Tidal Patterns is my first book in the sweet genre of romance fiction. I’d been considering writing a story in this clean and wholesome division for some time. But it took the right combination of story and the push to challenge myself to make me go for it.

Writing this love story, I had to push deeper into the characters’ emotions and internal conflict. I also challenged myself to write the first draft and edit the novel in a tight time frame to submit it to the So You Think You Can Write competition (and it ended up in the Top 25).

And I think  my writing is now the better for all of these reasons. I’ve continued to work on other projects (and am currently editing) and have continued to keep myself on a tight schedule to stay accountable. I now consider my characters’ motivations more thoughtfully and am developing far more three dimensional people.

Tidal Patterns is up on the Kindle Scout website and if you get a chance to check it out and nominate my book (sign in with your Amazon account), I’d be forever grateful. I’m so proud of this book and can’t wait to publish it. And if you nominate it and it’s selected, you’ll receive a free copy.

As I’m wrapping up the True North series, I’ve already begun to think of my next projects and I’m excited to announce that I’ll be writing two sequels to Tidal Patterns (a shorter novella and another full-length novel).


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