I’ve been a life-long daydreamer. Since childhood, I’ve preferred to get lost in my own imagination over any other entertainment. I like to take a thought, a passing comment, a throw-away idea and turn it into something more, something fully developed.

Increasingly, my own family inspires me. My husband often sticks his foot in his mouth around me to hilarious results. I have taken a lot of his comments and worked them into my dialogue verbatim.

My sons inspire me, but not in the same direct way. Having my sons and raising them has reaffirmed to me that having dreams and working hard for them every day isn’t just important, it’s fundamental. I want to be a good role model for them; someone who loves her family unconditionally but also puts in effort and sweat and tears to make things happen. I want to teach them that while it’s nice to have the validation and support of people around you; you have to believe in yourself first and foremost.

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