Library Lovers Month

Did you know you can find a holiday (either a celebratory day or month) for nearly every thing?

Check out this fun link.

I love my local library. They have events for kids (of all ages) and adults. This past summer, my oldest son had a blast completing the reading challenge. Not only did he read a ton of books (although, come on, with an author for a Mom, we read a lot always), but he also explored the library’s different offerings: puppet theater, story times, hands-on museum day, movies, ipads, and on and on.

We had a great time and I love that the two of us can spend an afternoon happily hanging out at our library. Now we just have to convince the youngest… My library also has outreach for authors and aspiring writers. Crossing my fingers (well, doing a bit more than that) that this year I can get one of my books on their shelves.

So…get out and discover a new book at your local library this month!

On the playlist

I wrote the first drafts for both Anchored in the Bay and Tiny Island Summer over a nine week period in late summer 2014. It’s funny to think back and remember how–after years of circling the ideas and plots–everything came together. I listened to Cary Brothers’ album Under Control non-stop for two and a half months. While writing Tidal Patterns this past July, Fitz & the Tantrums were heavy in the rotation.

I returned to the True North series in October, ready to finish out the stories that I’ve been dreaming up. And the instant I started writing, I had to return to Cary Brothers. I kind of figured I’d switch to something else, but couldn’t. To me, his voice and sound perfectly captures the tone of the novels.

If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack for my books, now you know.

Behind the scenes of Rachelle Paige Inc.


At least, that’s how I like to think of my writing career.

If my blog posts have been making me seem…prolific…lately, understand it’s all smoke and mirrors. I could never blog full-time. Ideas for posts come in waves. I might draft and schedule and save ten posts one day and then not even think of another one for a month. This website’s purpose is to connect with readers and let you know what I’m up to.

But what I’m up to…is pretty consistent (and not very good fodder).

My pattern is to write a first draft in some crazy tight schedule (usually less than a month). Then I spend about double the time on editing the first draft on my own. After I’m sure I won’t embarrass myself, I send the book to my CP’s (critique partners) for their opinions. I’ll incorporate changes and fix the glaring problems that I didn’t see. And then, in the case of my True North series, I send the ms (manuscript) off to my freelance editor.

She reviews the entire book and sends me back her ideas and suggestions and once more I get back to work. Finally, after reading the book at least three more times, I’ll upload it to Amazon and let you know about the pre-order. It’s all very glamorous and exciting (and if you miss the sarcasm then let me paint you a picture of a very stressed out 30 something in sweats and no make-up sitting around, sometimes staring off into space, sometimes typing furiously, and always muttering to herself).

This has been my process for both Anchored in the Bay (True North Book 1) and very nearly for Tiny Island Summer (True North Book 2) with the exception that Kindle Press handled the pre-order page for me. Once I have everything ready to go on On the Rocks (True North Book 3) and  Off the Dock (True North Novella 3.5), I’ll let you know here. I’m working hard on those and can’t wait to share them both with you.

In the meantime, it’s back to work for me…