Behind the scenes of Rachelle Paige Inc.


At least, that’s how I like to think of my writing career.

If my blog posts have been making me seem…prolific…lately, understand it’s all smoke and mirrors. I could never blog full-time. Ideas for posts come in waves. I might draft and schedule and save ten posts one day and then not even think of another one for a month. This website’s purpose is to connect with readers and let you know what I’m up to.

But what I’m up to…is pretty consistent (and not very good fodder).

My pattern is to write a first draft in some crazy tight schedule (usually less than a month). Then I spend about double the time on editing the first draft on my own. After I’m sure I won’t embarrass myself, I send the book to my CP’s (critique partners) for their opinions. I’ll incorporate changes and fix the glaring problems that I didn’t see. And then, in the case of my True North series, I send the ms (manuscript) off to my freelance editor.

She reviews the entire book and sends me back her ideas and suggestions and once more I get back to work. Finally, after reading the book at least three more times, I’ll upload it to Amazon and let you know about the pre-order. It’s all very glamorous and exciting (and if you miss the sarcasm then let me paint you a picture of a very stressed out 30 something in sweats and no make-up sitting around, sometimes staring off into space, sometimes typing furiously, and always muttering to herself).

This has been my process for both Anchored in the Bay (True North Book 1) and very nearly for Tiny Island Summer (True North Book 2) with the exception that Kindle Press handled the pre-order page for me. Once I have everything ready to go on On the Rocks (True North Book 3) and  Off the Dock (True North Novella 3.5), I’ll let you know here. I’m working hard on those and can’t wait to share them both with you.

In the meantime, it’s back to work for me…

15 facts about… Darcy, Ben, & Tiny Island Summer

  1. Darcy’s keeps her highlighted hair flat-ironed and perfectly straight

2.  Ben is the second of five kids, all boys

3.  After living overseas for a year, Darcy always thought she’d end up back in the UK

4. John is Ben’s Irish twin (13 months apart) and they are the closest out of all the brothers

5. Char, aka Charlotte, Darcy’s best friend has been known to fall head over heels in love…at first sight…a lot; Darcy never has

6. Darcy loves old movies, especially musicals

7. Ben’s a dirty blonde (and the same hair color as Darcy…after she’s been to the salon)

8. Darcy learned early on that she can’t control others, only herself; so she’s grown quite rigid

9. Ben grew up spending every summer at the lake house but hasn’t been back since college

10. Darcy hasn’t taken a vacation since she started working; neither has Ben

11. Ben worked hard to establish his career and buy his condo on his own without any help from his mom

12. During freshman year, Darcy and Char read The Rules. Char proceeded to break every rule, but Darcy followed them. Their results were the same.

13.  Darcy is an optimist; Ben is not

14. Both drink WAY too much coffee

15. They both might be the best (and most challenging thing) that’s ever happened to one another

Tiny Island SummerDarcy & Ben’s story (True North Book 2), is available now on Amazon. Kindle Unlimited subscribers, the books is free on your kindle.

15 facts about… Ed, Emily, & Anchored in the Bay

  1. Ed was named for my beloved (and dearly missed) Grandpa, Edwin

2. Emily’s story was inspired by my unexpected pregnancy that led to the most wonderful surprise of my life (But I couldn’t help think…what if?!)

3. Ed and Emily grew up together, their moms were sorority sisters

4. Emily was supposed to have a dog, Waffles the tibetan terrier, but she had enough characters in her life (stay tuned for Waffles in Across the Lake True North #4)

5.  Ed blames Jess for Emily refusing to run away with him

6. Eric has had Emily’s back long before he met her; in Australia, Eric purposefully stole away from Ed any girl who was looking for a boyfriend

7. Emily never wears make-up (why does she need to?)

8. Jess’ wedding was based on my own nuptials in beautiful Bayfield; unfortunately, there was no Francois to help (wish there was!)

9. When Ed asked Emily to run away with him, he’d already been out of college in the real world for a couple of years. I think a lot of us want to run away at that point in our lives!

10. Despite spending every summer on the lake, neither Ed nor Emily know how to operate a boat

11. Emily’s favorite meal to eat in a restaurant is breakfast and the Egg Toss in Bayfield makes the BEST breakfast ever

12. Ed looks like a Viking

13. Tawny, Ed’s mom, has always been supportive of their relationship; but still considers herself impartial

14. Emily has no sense of style… Jess dressed her in college and she’s leaning on Francois now

15. Emily and Ed are childhood sweethearts, but can first love translate into forever love?

Anchored in the Bay (True North Book 1) available now on Love the story? Be sure to keep reading the series with Tiny Island Summer (True North Book 2)Books 3 (short story 3.5) and 4 are in production!

Don’t forget: Kindle Unlimited subscribers can read for free.