15 facts about… Darcy, Ben, & Tiny Island Summer

  1. Darcy’s keeps her highlighted hair flat-ironed and perfectly straight

2.  Ben is the second of five kids, all boys

3.  After living overseas for a year, Darcy always thought she’d end up back in the UK

4. John is Ben’s Irish twin (13 months apart) and they are the closest out of all the brothers

5. Char, aka Charlotte, Darcy’s best friend has been known to fall head over heels in love…at first sight…a lot; Darcy never has

6. Darcy loves old movies, especially musicals

7. Ben’s a dirty blonde (and the same hair color as Darcy…after she’s been to the salon)

8. Darcy learned early on that she can’t control others, only herself; so she’s grown quite rigid

9. Ben grew up spending every summer at the lake house but hasn’t been back since college

10. Darcy hasn’t taken a vacation since she started working; neither has Ben

11. Ben worked hard to establish his career and buy his condo on his own without any help from his mom

12. During freshman year, Darcy and Char read The Rules. Char proceeded to break every rule, but Darcy followed them. Their results were the same.

13.  Darcy is an optimist; Ben is not

14. Both drink WAY too much coffee

15. They both might be the best (and most challenging thing) that’s ever happened to one another

Tiny Island SummerDarcy & Ben’s story (True North Book 2), is available now on Amazon. Kindle Unlimited subscribers, the books is free on your kindle.

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