Library Lovers Month

Did you know you can find a holiday (either a celebratory day or month) for nearly every thing?

Check out this fun link.

I love my local library. They have events for kids (of all ages) and adults. This past summer, my oldest son had a blast completing the reading challenge. Not only did he read a ton of books (although, come on, with an author for a Mom, we read a lot always), but he also explored the library’s different offerings: puppet theater, story times, hands-on museum day, movies, ipads, and on and on.

We had a great time and I love that the two of us can spend an afternoon happily hanging out at our library. Now we just have to convince the youngest… My library also has outreach for authors and aspiring writers. Crossing my fingers (well, doing a bit more than that) that this year I can get one of my books on their shelves.

So…get out and discover a new book at your local library this month!

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