Off to camp

Camp NaNoWriMo (happening now ) completely changed the way I write. My first attempt I barely made it through two weeks. The main reason for my failure? I was a pantser.

I used to write snippets of dialogue and scenes as they came to me with no rhyme or reason. Writing this way meant that when I finally put it all together I’d written the story nearly three times. It wasted my time and energy.

Last summer I embraced plotting and the change was radical. I finished a complete first draft in a little under three weeks. Camp inspired me so much I wrote another first draft in August.

You’ll find me at Camp this month, working on a stand-alone. If you’re thinking about giving it a try I cannot recommend this experience enough. Even if you hate what you end up with you will be inspired by the enthusiasm and success of others.

I’ll keep a seat for you by the bonfire!

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