Five more days!

photo credit: kieferpix via istock
photo credit: kieferpix via istock

Only five more days to vote for Tiny Island Summer on Kindle Scout.

If you haven’t checked out Kindle Scout before, now’s your chance. It’s an awesome opportunity for both readers and authors to get new, never-before-published works out. Nominate your favorite titles, tell your friends, and if one of your nominees gets published, you get the book directly to your Kindle for free.

As a new author, I have loved the experience of publishing on Kindle and will continue to do so. It’s easy for me to get my books up on Amazon and I love that Kindle Unlimited readers can check out my books for free (Anchored in the Bay is out now!) Regardless of whether Tiny Island Summer gets picked up or not, you will be seeing it for sale on Amazon very soon.

Thank you for your support! And please check out Kindle Scout!

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