Where I’m at…

This has been a very busy and very exciting time for me.

In July, while Tiny Island Summer was campaigning on Kindle Scout, I started another new book. I love writing. It is my hobby and my passion. But I have to set time limits on myself or I would never complete anything. My time limit was to get the first draft finished by July 31st and spend all of August editing.

And I’ve been doing just that! This month has flown by in editing. I’m so excited to share this story and will be getting it up on Wattpad by September 12th. In editing this book with a new critique partner, I think I’ve really hit a groove. This new story is a sweet romance and not writing steamy scenes has been a fun challenge! I’m encouraged to write another (already have the idea).

This month I also have been editing Tiny Island Summer and can’t wait for that book to be published. I’ll update you with the news as soon as I hear. I’m nearing the end of the marathon and have a little bit of a break scheduled for myself.

But more than anything, I can’t wait to get started on the next book. I still have two True North books to finish and this other sweet romance. My goal is to write three first drafts in three months and then take my time editing over the winter and early spring.

I’ve also started reviewing romance novels as well. I’ll be posting some of my reviews here for books that I loved and want to share.

Thanks for your support and hanging in there with me! Couldn’t do it without you!

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