Lately, I’ve been repeating myself. I’ll be running errands with my kids and will start thinking up a new blog post. I have the entire thing in my mind and when I sit down to write it, I look through my old posts and realize…I’ve already said it!

What am I saying? THANK YOU.  Thank you for reading my books, for following me on twitter, for finding me here, and for your support. This year, I took a chance on myself. With my fantasy football winnings, I started this website, hired a freelance editor, and published my first book. I released the book to very little fanfare, unsure of myself. But over the summer, with the support of some amazing people in the romance community and with a book picked up for Kindle Press (coming next week!), my confidence has grown.

My success looks very different from someone else’s. And that’s okay. Neither are negated because they aren’t equal. I’m continuing to learn and grow as an author and am excited for whatever comes next.

I had a goal to finish (this round of) edits and post my entry into this year’s #SYTYCW15 contest by Saturday. I beat that goal, getting it up last weekend, and have had a bit of unexpected downtime. I’m plotting out the final two books in the True North series and am drafting a “between the books” novella following the heroines of Anchored in the Bay and Tiny Island Summer.

Most authors identify themselves as either a plotter or a pantser (flying by the seat of your pants and making it up as you go). I’m a combination of the two, but like mapping out the next stories so I’m not repeating myself. These are fun stories. With the novella, you’ll get a glimpse into some of my favorite characters after their HEA (happily ever after). And…if you were reading the epilogue to Anchored in the Bay carefully, you’ll have realized that Francois is leaving…

Before I get ahead of myself (still have to write those books), check out Tidal Patterns it’s a sweet romance I’ve entered for the Heartwarming line at Harlequin. The entire book is up on Wattpad for free.  You can download an app and read this on your phone too.

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