#sytycw15 Update

I’m so excited to announce that my entry for Heartwarming, Tidal Patterns, is a top 25 finalist!

Thank you to everyone who voted, who added me to a reading list, who retweeted, and who hustled to help me. I would not have made the cut for the next round without your support and encouragement. Telling everyone I’ve ever met about my book (and my series for sale on Amazon) was a slightly intimidating prospect. But the positive responses to my writing have overwhelmed me.

The editors will read all 25 manuscripts and select the top ten. Getting this book in front of them has been my contest goal and I have to keep pinching myself that I’ve made it. For the time being, Tidal Patterns will remain on Wattpad. If you’d like to read the rest of the book, please do! And please leave me comments!

Thank you again.

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