Pre-order Tidal Patterns

I had a blast writing Tidal Patterns last summer for the Harlequin #sytycw15 contest. I didn't win but I loved the opportunity to get my book out there. I'm excited to be adding Tidal Patterns to my other books available on Amazon. You can pre-order the ebook now and Amazon will magically deliver it to your Kindle on … Continue reading Pre-order Tidal Patterns


Last summer, after publishing Anchored in the Bay, I found out about the Kindle Scout program and decided to give it a shot with my second novel, Tiny Island Summer. Kindle Scout is an exciting opportunity to have a book published through Amazon's Kindle Press. An author submits their (already edited) novel into a campaign and for … Continue reading #KindleScout

#sytycw15 Update

I'm so excited to announce that my entry for Heartwarming, Tidal Patterns, is a top 25 finalist! Thank you to everyone who voted, who added me to a reading list, who retweeted, and who hustled to help me. I would not have made the cut for the next round without your support and encouragement. Telling everyone I've … Continue reading #sytycw15 Update

Last day to vote! Please vote now!

Today is the last day to vote for the So You Think You Can Write contest. I've made it to the Top 50 round with Tidal Patterns my sweet romance. The top 25 (as chosen by the public! Please vote!) will move to the next round (the editors will read the full manuscript and choose … Continue reading Last day to vote! Please vote now!