Pre-order Tidal Patterns


I had a blast writing Tidal Patterns last summer for the Harlequin #sytycw15 contest. I didn’t win but I loved the opportunity to get my book out there. I’m excited to be adding Tidal Patterns to my other books available on Amazon.

You can pre-order the ebook now and Amazon will magically deliver it to your Kindle on April 12th. (PSST–I’ll be releasing the paperback on the 12th as well)

Once again, I’m putting this book up on Amazon exclusively. So if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read this book (as well as my True North series) for free. I hope you enjoy Lizzie and Mark’s story, this is my first (but definitely not my last!) book in the clean romance genre and their story is the start of my new series, Golden Shores.

Here are couple of the reviews from Wattpad:

I love these characters. Who can resist a young woman who takes senior tap classes and a man with an old dog? Looking forward to reading more. @BCWrites

Scooter already has my heart. Good job! @JayneEvansO


Last summer, after publishing Anchored in the Bay, I found out about the Kindle Scout program and decided to give it a shot with my second novel, Tiny Island Summer.

Kindle Scout is an exciting opportunity to have a book published through Amazon’s Kindle Press. An author submits their (already edited) novel into a campaign and for 30 days it is up on the Kindle Scout website. Selection factors in the number of votes a novel receives on the site. If a novel is chosen, everyone who voted for it receives a complimentary copy.

I have loved being part of the Kindle Press family with Tiny Island Summer. The other authors have taught me so much about the business side of publishing. And the team at Amazon have really pushed my work into so many more hands than I had done on my own with Anchored in the Bay.

And I’m at it again.

Tidal Patterns, my sweet romance from the #sytycw15 contest, is now up on the site. If you get a chance to check it out, to vote and maybe share with others who like romance, I’d really appreciate it. Just because I have published one book with them, I have no guarantees of any outcome. (In fact, this time I have to hustle a little harder because the program has expanded internationally.)

Check out Tidal Patterns here. Thank you for your support!

#sytycw15 Top 25


I’m still in shock that my novel, Tidal Patterns, has made it to the Top 25 in this year’s So You Think You Can Write contest. Editors are now reading my book and that is thrilling and terrifying! The book is still up on Wattpad, if you want to read it. I did send in a slightly more polished version to the editors (very slight! no major changes), but didn’t want to update on Wattpad just yet. I know my Mom is reading and didn’t want to disrupt her spot.

If I can take another opportunity to encourage other aspiring authors here, I’d like to do so. This is my third time entering this contest. Every year I have connected with people, have learned more about craft, and have continued to grow as a storyteller. Every person’s journey is different, some land a contract with their very first book, others take decades to do so. But you have to put yourself out there for something to happen. (And you will not meet a more encouraging, supportive group of people than the other entrants of #sytycw!)

If you have ever considered entering So You Think You Can Write, or joining in some of the challenges that appear on the Sold blog, do it.

Thank you for following along with me on this very exciting journey. I don’t know where Tidal Patterns goes from here, but I see good things in the future. And to update on an earlier tweet I wrote during the start of the contest: So You Think You Can Write has been my Christmas this year