#sytycw15 Top 25


I’m still in shock that my novel, Tidal Patterns, has made it to the Top 25 in this year’s So You Think You Can Write contest. Editors are now reading my book and that is thrilling and terrifying! The book is still up on Wattpad, if you want to read it. I did send in a slightly more polished version to the editors (very slight! no major changes), but didn’t want to update on Wattpad just yet. I know my Mom is reading and didn’t want to disrupt her spot.

If I can take another opportunity to encourage other aspiring authors here, I’d like to do so. This is my third time entering this contest. Every year I have connected with people, have learned more about craft, and have continued to grow as a storyteller. Every person’s journey is different, some land a contract with their very first book, others take decades to do so. But you have to put yourself out there for something to happen. (And you will not meet a more encouraging, supportive group of people than the other entrants of #sytycw!)

If you have ever considered entering So You Think You Can Write, or joining in some of the challenges that appear on the Sold blog, do it.

Thank you for following along with me on this very exciting journey. I don’t know where Tidal Patterns goes from here, but I see good things in the future. And to update on an earlier tweet I wrote during the start of the contest: So You Think You Can Write has been my Christmas this year

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