Last summer, after publishing Anchored in the Bay, I found out about the Kindle Scout program and decided to give it a shot with my second novel, Tiny Island Summer.

Kindle Scout is an exciting opportunity to have a book published through Amazon’s Kindle Press. An author submits their (already edited) novel into a campaign and for 30 days it is up on the Kindle Scout website. Selection factors in the number of votes a novel receives on the site. If a novel is chosen, everyone who voted for it receives a complimentary copy.

I have loved being part of the Kindle Press family with Tiny Island Summer. The other authors have taught me so much about the business side of publishing. And the team at Amazon have really pushed my work into so many more hands than I had done on my own with Anchored in the Bay.

And I’m at it again.

Tidal Patterns, my sweet romance from the #sytycw15 contest, is now up on the site. If you get a chance to check it out, to vote and maybe share with others who like romance, I’d really appreciate it. Just because I have published one book with them, I have no guarantees of any outcome. (In fact, this time I have to hustle a little harder because the program has expanded internationally.)

Check out Tidal Patterns here. Thank you for your support!

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