Pre-order Tidal Patterns


I had a blast writing Tidal Patterns last summer for the Harlequin #sytycw15 contest. I didn’t win but I loved the opportunity to get my book out there. I’m excited to be adding Tidal Patterns to my other books available on Amazon.

You can pre-order the ebook now and Amazon will magically deliver it to your Kindle on April 12th. (PSST–I’ll be releasing the paperback on the 12th as well)

Once again, I’m putting this book up on Amazon exclusively. So if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read this book (as well as my True North series) for free. I hope you enjoy Lizzie and Mark’s story, this is my first (but definitely not my last!) book in the clean romance genre and their story is the start of my new series, Golden Shores.

Here are couple of the reviews from Wattpad:

I love these characters. Who can resist a young woman who takes senior tap classes and a man with an old dog? Looking forward to reading more. @BCWrites

Scooter already has my heart. Good job! @JayneEvansO

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