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For Tiny Island Summer (True North Book 2)

Charming, Romantic, Can’t Put It Down Love Story October 23, 2015
I LOVED Rachelle’s follow up book to Anchored in the Bay. Both books are really well written and I couldn’t put either of them down. Endearing characters that you fall in love with early and root for until the end. I highly recommend this entertaining read to any modern romance lovers out there. Plus the unique setting of Northern Wisconsin gives this book a unique charm all it’s own.
Cute and sweet with a side of frustration October 13, 2015
I enjoyed this read. I liked that the author did not have the heroine sleeping around, but rather stuck to her own standards. I had to warm up to Darcy. She was a little stiff in the beginning. I liked Eric, Charlotte, Ben and John, though Ben should have been slapped for many of the stunts he pulled. He was all sorts of frustrating. This is a cute romance that is sure to make you smile and frown. I wanted another chapter or two!
I received this book from KindleScout.
Sometimes you just need to take a chance October 10, 2015
Darcy and her best friend Char have come to the island to have a break. They meet their new neighbour John and him and Char hit it off straight away. John’s brother Ben comes to stay and things go from back to worse as Darcy likes him but he keeps on pushing her away. After a misunderstanding Ben gets Darcy fired and he knows that he has lost her. How can he get her back as she is seeing someone and he knows that she needs to be with him but she is about to leave for London and he has probably lost her before he even got the chance to be with him. Darcy is confused about her life and what she wants. Will she be able make the right choice. A great read that leaves you with a smile on your face.
If you haven’t checked it out yet, now’s the time…

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