I didn’t quite make the 50k threshold. But that’s okay. I never seem to hit the goal in November. For whatever reason, July (a very busy month for me) is my best of the NaNoWriMo months.

NaNoWriMo came at the exact moment I needed it most. I had grand plans to finish a book a month starting in October. But the contest definitely affected me. I found myself distracted and unable to focus. By the end of October I’d barely managed 50% of a first draft.

When November 1st came, I barreled ahead and finished the rest of that book, wrote a quick (and needs to be edited!) epilogue for Tidal Patterns (more news on when to read that in a bit), and got started on my fun, between the books book for True North.

The last two weeks have been back to back sickness here. Between nursing my kids (and my dog!), cooking and cleaning for the holiday, finishing up my holiday shopping and Christmas cards, and decorating my house for Christmas, I’ve been otherwise occupied.

But that’s okay. NaNoWriMo has gotten me back into the rhythm of writing EVERY DAY. And I’ve learned my lesson that I have to write at least 100 words a day to keep myself on track.

I still have big plans for the New Year and am excited to announce that I did submit Tidal Patterns  to Harlequin for their consideration. So, I count this November a success.


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