This has been an amazing year for me. Besides my wonderful family and good health, I’ve really pushed myself to take a chance on getting my career off the ground. Every time I’ve encountered an obstacle or a challenge, I’ve forced myself to meet it and rise to the occasion.

I’m so excited for the progress I’m seeing and thrilled that you’ve taken this journey with me. The ideas keep coming and the words are flowing. I’ve finished On the Rocks, Eric’s story (True North Book 3), and am nearing the end of the novella Off the Dock, (True North 3.5). I’ll be sending these off to my editor and will be posting links for pre-order after the new year. Now I’m thinking and dreaming and starting work on Across the Lake (True North Book 4), the conclusion of the series.

Also, a huge thanks for following along with me during #sytycw15, Harlequin’s annual contest. Making the top 55 (the first round as selected by editors) was thrilling. Getting to the top 25, with YOUR help, flabbergasting. I could not be here, writing and learning and improving my craft to tell these stories, without the help and support of so many people. I am blessed that I have never heard a negative comment from anyone I have opened up to about this little passion project of mine. Thank you!

Anchored in the Bay (True North Book 1)

Tiny Island Summer (True North Book 2)

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