15 facts about… Eric, Jen, & On the Rocks

I’ve (nearly) done it! The first draft of On the Rocks (True North Book 3) has been completed and I’m working on the edits now. I’ve been loving these 15 facts posts and thought I’d continue the trend with this book, Eric’s story.

  1. Jen drinks coffee with so much milk (and sometimes cream) in it, her best friend calls it a milkshake

2. Eric’s tattoos are all…words. And it all started with a Walt Whitman quote he got (and modified) to honor his mom

3. This book is set at my alma mater, Indiana University, during the most glorious time of year–Autumn

4. Jen hasn’t worn (or even owned) jeans in nearly ten years

5. Eric and Jen are both only children

6. At 5’2,” Jen is always in heels and rounds her height up (she’ll tell you she’s 5’2 3/4″ so practically 5’3″)

7. Eric, the über confident (but never cocky) and smooth guy from Anchored in the Bay and Tiny Island Summer, has been knocked off his game after losing the girl and struggling to get his book published

8. Jen, the seemingly pulled together and polished branding expert, is also off her game after some sneaky moves by an ex (you’ll have to read more to find out!)

9.  Jen’s favorite author is Danielle Steel and taking a tour of Ms. Steel’s hometown, San Francisco, is on her bucket list

10. Jen and Eric share mutual friends, married couple Tom and Rebecca, and have a history that Eric can’t remember

11. Jen is a size 12, redhead, over 30; because you can’t send a girl in to win a man’s heart (at least not Eric’s)

12. Eric loves to bike ride

13. …which is good because he’s also susceptible to apple-flavored desserts and in Indiana during the autumn, these are plentiful

14. But…he drinks his coffee black (to counter #1.)

15. Jen loves the crunch of leaves underfoot as she walks through the trails and paths around campus and in the Hoosier National Forest

On the Rocks coming Spring 2016. Get caught up on the True North Series from the beginning. Anchored in the Bay (True North Book 1) and Tiny Island Summer (True North Book 2) available now on Amazon.com. Kindle Unlimited subscribers can check out the whole series for free.

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