Make Your Dream Come True day

It’s Make Your Dream Come True day, how fitting for a mid-January day.

About a year ago, I was visiting my parents with my kids. It was a beautiful, bright sunny day. A day when anything seemed possible. While thinking that I stopped myself. Why can’t anything be possible every day? Why wait for a sunny day? Why not start now?

And that was when I set-up my website, set-up my pre-order page for Anchored in the Bay (True North 1) and started down the path of publication. I’ve learned a lot along the way.

What would I do differently? Almost everything. I jumped into this world as a complete novice. But I’m continuing to learn and grow both in craft and the business side of writing.

And I’m so glad I did make the leap into the unknown. I hope if you’re chasing after a dream today you take a chance on yourself and go for it.


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