Now’s the perfect time

To get started on my True North series. This week, the first book in the series, Anchored in the Bay, is on sale for 99 cents on and 99p on

AND Tiny Island Summer is on sale for $1.99 through the end of the month.

Book blurb:

When Emily balked at running away with her childhood sweetheart, Ed, eight years ago, she had no idea he’d disappear from her life. In the years since, she’s managed to push past her pain to open her own business and find love again. Her life feels good, until Ed shows up on her doorstep.

Ed vowed he’d never come back for her. But no matter how many miles, or blondes, he’d put between them, he couldn’t shake her hold on his heart. He’d pictured himself stepping back into her life, but hadn’t counted on her despair over his business or that she’d be pregnant.

Now Ed is fighting both for and against her to win her heart once and for all. But can they find their way back to each other, through years of hurt and with an unexpected baby on the way?

Kindle Unlimited subscribers can check out both Anchored in the Bay (True North Book 1) and Tiny Island Summer (True North Book 2) for free.

Sale runs until Monday, January 25 for Book 1 and on January 31 for Book 2. Don’t miss out!

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