Last day!!!

If you haven’t had a chance yet, I’d REALLY appreciate your help supporting Tidal Patterns, my first sweet romance.

Tidal Patterns is up on Kindle Scout and if you nominate it and it’s selected for a Kindle Press publishing contract, you’ll get a copy of the ebook for free. Win, win–right?

Tidal Patterns tells the story of Lizzie Shaw and Mark Edwards. Elizabeth Shaw is the preeminent, and only, wedding planner at the beach resort on Jekyll Island. She’s sure she’ll land the newly created role overseeing all major events. Then she’ll get a raise and won’t be forced to leave. Mark Edwards doesn’t need any more stress. He’s ready to slow down and enjoy the tiny seaside town he calls home. After a decade in catering, he’s sure he can do the events job without any trouble. Neither counted on the other getting in the way.

With a supporting cast including a Newfoundland named Scooter and a 70 year old next-door neighbor/best friend/tap dancer named Rose, this book was fun to write and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Check Tidal Patterns out here and please click nominate (bonus points if you spread the word). Your support means the world to me, thank you so much! And this book has now inspired it’s own series. Be on the lookout for more sweet romance stories from me in the Golden Shores series. 


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