Coming soon…

When I first started writing, I had no intention of creating a series. I had one story in my head and I sat down and wrote that story.

I’d barely finished the first draft when I had another idea. And it just happened that that idea continued where the first ended. After the first two books in the True North series, I knew what characters I wanted to write about next. But had to take a break to go after a new idea.

My new idea became Tidal Patterns. I wrote the manuscript for a contest. For months I let the story sit as a stand alone. While polishing up the novel for publication, I started thinking about writing a sequel.

I’m excited to announce that while I’m busy publishing the last two full-length novels in the True North series (not ruling out novellas in the future), I’m also writing a new entry for Golden Shores. I’m working on a full-length novel and have ideas for a novella too.

With any luck (and you know how well that goes) I’ll have these out sometime this fall, stay tuned. Be sure to follow my Amazon author page for the latest news and updates.

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