One of the aspects I love most about self-publishing is that there are no limits. I can produce as much as or as little as I choose. I work with an editor but the themes I include, the meet-cute, the plot, all of the story is up to me.

So far in 2016, I’ve been pushing hard to produce more and better content. I published two more books in True North this past spring and the first book in my new sweet contemporary romance series. I’m excited to release the latest book in the Golden Shores series next month and have plans to add two short stories to the True North family in the fall. I’m plotting out the third novel for Golden Shores and will release that book in Winter 2016/17.

But I’ll admit to bouts of self-doubt. Twice during the production of every book and short story I’ll question why I’m doing this. I will be the first to admit that I’m still learning craft and developing my voice (I think I always will). Am I even qualified to do this?

Then I submit my stories and wait for the response. And I’m encouraged. And I try to make the next project better than the last. If you leave a review, please know how much I value that you took the time both to read my words and to offer an opinion on them. If you haven’t, please do! I read every review and let each one of your thoughts sink in and I hope that is reflected as I continue on this journey.

The calendar might read July, but for me I’m looking ahead and planning out January. My focus is going to shift some in 2017. I have an idea for a short story for Golden Shores (because I do my best work when I have way too many projects happening simultaneously) but am thinking of writing with an eye toward some of the major houses. I’ll keep you posted but in the meantime I hope you’ll keep reading.

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