Summer #RomanticIdea round-up


A huge thank you again to all the authors who stopped by my blog in June and July! I had a blast getting to know you and will be checking out your books ASAP. If you missed a Tuesday or Thursday post, here are the authors that shared their best romantic ideas for hot summer nights.

Victoria Pinder   Favorite Coffee, Favorite Crush

Tina Gayle   Pregnancy Plan

Iris Blobel   Little Beginnings

Kathleen Rowland   Deadly Alliance

Jacquie Biggar  The Guardian

Mari Manning  Stranger in My House

Linda McLaughlin   Lady Elinor’s Escape

Marianne Rice   Wilde for You

Angela Evans   Hiding in Plain Sight

Katherine Bone   The Rogue’s Surrender

Linda O’Connor   Perfectly Planned

Stacy Juba   Fooling Around with Cinderella

Michelle Abbott   Jem

Barbara White Daille   Cowboy in Charge

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