Short-lived…or all my books are back on #KindleUnlimited

Back in June, after looking through my sales for Tidal Patterns and considering the next steps for upcoming second book, Coastal Erosion, I decided to take the Golden Shores series off Kindle Unlimited. I was selling more copies than borrowers were reading. It should stand to reason that offering the books for sale on more sites would benefit the series.

Except it didn’t.

Six weeks is a long time in self-publishing. In that period of time, readers are expecting me to be producing and publishing new content. And I felt that in that same amount of time I should have results from the experiment to consider it a success or failure.

And I’m deeming it a failure.

I’ve always been pro Kindle Unlimited because I like that the service is giving people a chance to discover me and hopefully keep reading. Losing out on that exposure was painful. I could have kept both books on the various sites until Surface Currents, the third Golden Shores book, comes out in December. But I was tired of watching sales dwindle for the series.

So, dear readers, I’m back on Kindle Unlimited and I hope you’ll come check out my sweet romance series, Golden Shores, if you haven’t had a chance yet. Set at the beach in a small town with big heart, I hope these stories put a smile on your face (and maybe encourage you to find your old tap shoes and start practicing.)

Tidal Patterns (Golden Shores Book 1)

Coastal Erosion (Golden Shores Book 2)


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