What I’m reading this (long) weekend

The unofficial end to summer is here! And wow, what a summer it’s been. I released three books, wrote two short stories, am writing the third Golden Shores book, and am excited to be starting a brand new project this fall. (Stay tuned!)

I’m relaxing this weekend and catching up on some of the releases from a few of my favorite authors (and fellow Kindle Scout winners).

Lady Claire by Teresa Roman is a novella in Sariah Wilson’s Royals of Monterra Kindle World. She’s the girl I loved to hate in Sariah’s first of the series, Royal Date, and I can’t wait to see how Teresa redeems her.

Next up are two more novellas from Courtney Hunt’s Cupid’s Coffeeshop Series. I’ve loved following the characters (a new release every month through December) but have sadly fallen behind (#writerproblems too busy to read for pleasure). I’m reading Berries and Cream Chai and Fireworks Frappe.

And last (but definitely not least) is Ann Omasta’s Cruising for Love. This sequel to Getting Lei’d follows everyone’s favorite scene-stealing sister from the first book, Ruthie. She’s heading out to join a looking for love reality show at sea (sure to be hilarious).

Happy Labor Day everyone!



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