Author Interview – Caila Jaynes & Allyson Simonian

Meeting Danger - final revised cover

Welcome to Kindle Scout winning authors Caila Jaynes & Allyson Simonian

Originally from the East Coast, Allyson Simonian now lives in California with her husband and children. She began to write in 2012, inspired by the emotion in the Fifty Shades of Grey series. It had been a while since Allyson had even read a romance novel. Now she’s obsessed with the genre, especially the sub-genre of romantic suspense.

Caila Jaynes is a Southern girl, born in the Carolinas and raised on outrageous storytelling and sweet iced tea. She loves romance, happily-ever-afters, and a good mystery. Put those three together and she’s a happy girl. Now an empty nester, she’s busier than ever, but for some crazy reason decided to pursue a lifelong dream of writing. Her stories will never leave you hanging, and all are guaranteed to have a happy ending.

Tell us about Meeting Danger

In Book One, Meeting Danger, Camden Taylor is a federal agent working undercover in an outlaw motorcycle club, the Wicked Disciples, investigating their heroin operation. When they kidnap a member of another club, Camden has no choice but to blow his cover in order to save the man’s life.

Autumn Mason has lived with Butch Cobb, president of the Wicked Disciples, for nearly five years. Butch is terrifying—as abusive as he is powerful—and there is no escaping him. But when Autumn witnesses Camden being beaten and held prisoner, she is forced to make a desperate decision. Will she choose to be loyal, or will she do what she knows is right?

What are three things we’d find if we looked under your heroine’s bed? How about your hero’s?

What a fun question! Our hero and heroine would likely have their items neatly contained in a box, LOL. Not sure if the box counts, but here are some items we’re sure they’d rush back to rescue if their house were on fire:

Autumn would go back for a picture of her brother, a necklace that had belonged to her deceased mother, and a Swiss Army knife. A girl’s always gotta be prepared, right?

Camden would have to save a few wooden toys his grandfather had made for him when he was a boy, his grandmother’s recipe book, and his Glock.

What is the theme of this book? If it’s part of a series, how does this book fit into the series?

Finding courage is one of the themes of Meeting Danger, the first of three books planned for The Danger Series. All will focus on federal agents who work undercover on a team called the Phoenix Task Force. Members of the task force work undercover in coordination with local law enforcement and federal agencies in particularly difficult cases, especially those involving drugs and kidnappings.

Why do you write this genre? What inspired this story? Do you write any other genres?

With a romance, you’re guaranteed a happy ending, and the tension that suspense adds to the story is always fun. The romantic suspense genre is the perfect marriage!

We both love a clean-cut alpha male; there’s just something about a man in authority that sends our pulse rates soaring! LOL As for other genres, so far we’ve focused on romantic suspense, but haven’t ruled out contemporary romance for the future.

Any tips to share with fellow authors/aspiring authors? What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard?

Get it down on paper, even if it’s a hot mess. Don’t worry about what’s missing. It’s okay; you will layer all of that in during the revision process.

This was so much fun for us, Rachelle. Thank you for having us on your blog!


“You’re not riding,” Beck had told Camden that morning. “You’re driving the crash car.”

Camden had gazed at the white van with dismay—the Wicked Disciples’ version of AAA. The crash car followed the brothers on runs in case anyone broke down, offering repair assistance to those who needed it, and a lift home for any bikes that couldn’t be repaired on the spot.

He’d been looking forward to riding his own bike, and was disappointed not to be riding on his first run with the brothers. But he kept his feelings to himself and took the keys to the van from Beck without a word.

Twenty minutes ago, he’d been put into service. Romeo had gestured to him for help before pulling into this lot. Camden parked the van near where Romeo had parked his bike and walked over.

“What’s going on?”

“Bent my frame somehow.”

“You hit something?” The frame of Romeo’s back wheel was twisted.


Despite his efforts to straighten the metal for the past fifteen minutes, Camden had been unsuccessful. He finally had to acknowledge that the tools in the van weren’t going to cut it for this repair.

“Let’s get it inside.” He took out a ramp and began attaching it to the van.

Motorcycles from another chapter rolled into the lot, and Beck walked over to greet them.

“Hey, Butch.”

Butch Cobb? Camden quickly looked up to see Beck bumping fists with a tall, dark-haired man of about forty, and his gaze moved past Butch. His eyes widened when he saw the woman seated on the bike Butch had just parked.

She was young and looked innocent, not hardened and jaded like so many of the brothers’ women and the club groupies he’d met in the past weeks. When she removed her helmet, her blond hair tumbled over her shoulders, a light wildflower-honey shade that glowed when the sunlight caught it. Based on the length of her legs draped over the bike, she was petite, but rather than sit up straight, she pulled her shoulders forward, as if trying to make herself seem even smaller.

Everything around him seemed to stop for a few seconds as his breath was snatched away. The girl’s wary, almost frightened body language stirred his protective instincts, and he wondered what her story was. Then she glanced his way and blinked hard, most likely wondering who he was and why he was staring.

Romeo tapped him on the shoulder. “Butch isn’t going to appreciate you looking at his woman.”

Shaking himself out of his daze, Camden turned back to the ramp, trying to focus on his work.

Thank you ladies for joining us on the blog this week! Be sure to catch up with this talented duo on Goodreads, Allyson’s website and Facebook, and Caila’s website and Facebook. In case you missed the link, you can find Meeting Danger here. 



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  1. Wow, quite an interview and quite the excerpt! So glad I happened onto this blog during the authors’ Rafflecopter contest. 🙂 I am really, really, excited about this author duo and their Danger series. So exciting (and blood curdling)!


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