Spend Christmas at the Beach


I’m delighted to announce that the next installment of the Golden Shores series will be a Christmas novella releasing on December 6th!

Back cover:

Staying in one place has never been Shannon Tweed’s style. She agreed to move in with her cousin, Trish, to help her through a difficult second pregnancy and still has another five months before she can put St. Simons Island in her rearview. She has plenty of time to have a little fun. Unfortunately, she might have stumbled onto Mr. Right instead of Mr. Right Now.

Finding a little slice of seclusion on the beautiful Georgia coast was exactly the balm Joe Butterfield needed to heal his aching soul. He’s established himself as the top dog trainer in the Golden Isles and a first-rate guy for his volunteer efforts. He’s not the kind of guy to take for himself, he’d rather give. Then he meets a woman who has him questioning what to do with the rest of his life. If only he’ll trust his heart enough to make the choice.

Available for pre-order now (click here)

Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you’ll be able to read for free starting December 6th

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