Another Bay and Off the Dock Cover Reveal

Back when I first started dreaming up the True North series, Darcy was the heroine of all three books. Told in first-person, the trilogy was a sort of delayed coming of age story. But when inspiration struck, I ended up scrapping the sole heroine idea and following several intertwined love stories.

Unfortunately, Darcy didn’t really have a chance to develop and grow in her secondary character mode. And if you’ve read Across the Lake then you probably agree with my mom who thinks she desperately needs to mature. So the idea formed to circle back to some of the characters and expand on their happily ever after. I started with Off the Dock and am hoping you’ll enjoy Another Bay.

Mainly following Darcy, I think these shorts tie up her story nicely. But I’m definitely not done with the Apostle Islands (more news coming soon about the direction of True North–bad pun intentional)

Available exclusively on

Click here to pre-order, released on Valentine’s Day



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