I could never be royal…or so I thought


With my 2017 goal, I’m taking chances and spreading my wings. I want to write a little more fearlessly this year. I’ve been learning craft, reading books, listening/attending workshops, and think my story development has improved. I want to get back to the fun of writing, to telling a story that keeps me wondering what comes next, and to stop feeling so hemmed in by rules (of course I still follow, but rules are best applied in the edit round).

I’m continuing to edit and refine the series I submitted to Carina Press. I love those books and want to deliver for you, dear readers. I’ve been working on that series for a few months and need a break for perspective.

Last year, Carina’s call for jewel heist stories inspired me to get out of my small town comfort zone. After I submitted my series for consideration, I read a note about an upcoming call for novellas with a royal theme. I’ve never tried to write royalty before but I’m taking this call the same way I did the last one…and I’m having a blast.

I’ve been outlining, plotting, and dreaming up my fake kingdom and the royals that populate it. Of course, my imagination is never content to devote so much energy to only one story. I’m working on two royal novellas following the family in my kingdom and can’t wait to see where this new world takes me. (Of course…stay tuned! I’ll post when I’m finished, when I submit, etc.)

How about you? What are you up to? Are you letting 2017 challenge you? I’d love to hear.



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