Four Ways to Savor the Last Days of Summer


Wow…that went fast!

My kids are back in school and our lazy days are winding down. Even though summer has technically ended for them, it hasn’t for me. I hold on tightly to the last few moments before labor day. I don’t think my mind will ever adjust to summer being over in mid-August with the new backpacks and school year.

So…in this lull before sports and homework really kick in and starts our busy school-year schedule, I have a few things left to check off my summer list.

4. Running through the sprinkler

Fresh-cut grass is one of my favorite smells. Growing up, summer was spending most of the day in a bathing suit either at the pool or running through the sprinkler in our backyard. My kids were a little iffy on the whole idea at first. Didn’t stop me from showing them how it’s done and now they are on board.

3. Grilling as much as possible

I love our system for grilling. I’ll marinate meat in the morning, prep the sides in the afternoon, and then have everything ready for the hubs to cook for dinner while I do the dishes. By the time we eat, my kitchen is clean. Hard not to love grilling. I will confess, I love to bake and cook heavy foods like pastas and casseroles. I am looking forward to all my hearty, cold weather favorites. But I always miss the grill (and Johnsonville brats, yum).

2. Bike rides

I’ve really stepped up my bike riding game this summer. I bought a lock and am in an easy enough distance to bike to the pool, the gym, the library, the Starbucks, and most of my friends’ houses. It’s been my go-to transportation and I love it. Especially fun to bike with my oldest and head to the playgrounds together.

1. Spending every second outdoors

I live in the Midwest. We get winter. Winter is very real and very long. I have come to appreciate every season (because honestly, what’s the alternative). But I’ve also come to realize that I need to soak up all the outside time I can (even in winter, when possible).

Not wearing a coat to walk the dog, eating every meal I can outside, lying on a blanket in the sun while I read, these are the things I miss the most.





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