Recap #IndieAuthorDay 2017


I was delighted to join other local authors at my fabulous library’s 2017 Indie Author Day. (For my 2016 recap, click here) It’s a great opportunity to learn what’s fresh in the indie publishing world. I feel lucky to be writing in the post self-publishing revolution. I am grateful for the authors who have paved the way to working as a hybrid (both self-published and traditionally published–my ultimate goal).

One big takeaway this year: no matter how an author is published, you have to be paying attention to marketing. Social media has changed the game and, I think, encouraged interactions between readers and authors. I’m on most social networks but really enjoy the informal, conversational style on Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to connect with me there.

Didn’t make it to an indie author day event? You can still check out some of the resources (including videos) here.

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