Royal Noel, a Royals of Monterra story

Royal Noel

A pretty con artist risks everything when she falls for a handsome duke.




Gennie Mars lives a double life. Known to Interpol as “The Princess,” she’s a notorious jewel thief famous throughout Europe for her disguises and ability to escape without a trace. And her gifts to charity. She’s a modern-day Robin Hood in high heels. Take from the rich, give to the poor. She was thrust into a world of crime and capers after the death of her mother when she was twelve. It’s the only life she’s ever known. Con artist, linguist, fugitive. Flanked by her mentors, Harry and his sister, the Contessa, Gennie is on the run with their latest diamond heist when she stows away in the trunk of the sports car belonging to an English duke. A royal who has secrets of his own he’ll do anything to protect.
Jack Wolfram Blackwell, the 12th Duke of Ashburn, relishes the freedom his status gives him to pursue his passion of collecting precious artifacts. When his friend, Prince Max Risconti of Montevecchio in Monterra, invites him to excavate a rare Roman ruin near his castle over the Christmas holidays, Jack can’t resist and uses it as an excuse to avoid a most unpleasant manner back in London. When he finds out his stowaway is a pretty American girl, he suspects she’s hiding something while his passions for her ignite. Her kisses only make him more intrigued and he can’t help but wonder where he’s seen her before.

As the countdown to Christmas begins, Gennie and the duke are at odds with each other when Princess Zoey, Prince Max’s wife, hires Gennie to help the family over the holidays, never knowing she’s a jewel thief. When someone threatens the new royal baby, Gennie must make a decision whether or not to trust the duke with her secret . . . and her heart.

Please welcome Jina Bacarr

What inspired your story?

I wrote my first Kindle Worlds Royals of Monterra book about Princess Violetta in Sariah Wilson’s ROYAL DATE.

Here was a girl who had it all, including a royal title and a loving family, and she was lost in the world of addiction. From that starting point, I continued with Zoey’s story, a character I created in ROYAL DARE, in ROYAL BRIDE. I came up with a kingdom within a kingdom called Montevecchio ruled over by Prince Max. I so enjoyed being with Max and Zoey that I’ve continued with them as the background family in ROYAL KISS and my new story, ROYAL NOEL.

My Royals of Monterra stories are “small town sweet romance,” except the town is a medieval castle. I call it my Princesses with a Past “Twisted Tiaras” series. All the heroines have to overcome something in their background to win the royal hero. In Royal Noel, the heroine is a jewel thief and con artist. We always think of our fairy tale heroines as not having any flaws, but mine do. And that’s what makes it so interesting when they overcome their pasts to win their Prince Charming.

If you traveled to Monterra, how would you meet the Royal family?

No problem. I’d have Prince Max call Prince Nico and there I am. Seriously, I believe working for a charity sponsored by the Fiorelli family would be a great entrée into entering their inner circle as a guest. And fun, too!

Do you have any tips on how to make a prince fall in love with a commoner?

To me, the heart of any relationship is trust and commitment. Knowing that person will be there for you in times of crisis and knowing you can trust them with your soul is tantamount to falling in love. Especially for a prince. Who knows what skeletons lurk in his dungeon? Also, don’t be afraid to laugh. A royal is taught from early on to adhere to a strict protocol. Being able to laugh at life’s ups and downs is a great equalizer. And finally, it doesn’t hurt if the glass slipper fits.

You’ve written several stories set in Monterra, what keeps you coming back to this world?

I lived in Italy (as you’ll see in my video about why I started writing for The Royals of Monterra) and I’ve traveled up and down the boot, exploring the fabulous cuisine, unbelievable art, and fascinating history of the region. Monterra is located between Switzerland and Italy and I feel at home there with the customs, people, language, etc. I also love fairy tales and I’ve collected fairy tale comics, etc. over the years. In Monterra, you’ll always find your happily ever after. It doesn’t get better than that.


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A pretty con artist risks everything when she falls for a handsome duke


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Why I started writing for The Royals of Monterra

About the author:

Jina Bacarr discovered early on that she inherited the gift of the gab from her large Irish family when she penned a story about a princess who ran away to Paris with her pet turtle Lulu.

She was twelve.

She grew up listening to their wild, outlandish fairy tales and it was those early years of storytelling that led to her love of all things royal. She adores dark chocolate truffles, vintage anything, the smell of bread baking and rainy days in museums.

She’s always loved walking through history—from Pompeii to Verdun to Old Paris. The voices of the past speak to her through carriages with cracked leather seats, stiff ivory-colored crinolines and worn satin slippers.

She’s always wondered what it was like to walk in those slippers when they were new.

Especially glass slippers.

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A big thank you to Jina for stopping by the blog today! Be sure to pick up Royal Noel in time for Christmas. Wishing you a wonderful holiday (I’ll be back next week with more interviews).

P. S. Check out Royal Collection a Royals of Monterra story, my latest release, here



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