The real-life inspiration for Royal Collection


I studied art history in college and grad school. Art history is a passion of mine, which shouldn’t be a surprise if you read my books. I can’t help but sneak in careers and storylines around works of art. In Royal Collection, my Kindle World novella, a rediscovered Titian causes problems for the hero and heroine.

The premise, that a work by Titian was sold to cover a debt from King Charles I, is based in truth. Charles amassed an amazing collection of art that was sold off after the republicans overthrew him. Art was scattered all over and this year a rather unique exhibition united as many of the paintings as possible. (Wish I could go!!!)

An ‘impossible dream’: Charles I’s art collection to be brought back to UK

In recent years, there have been some significant works of art coming out of the shadows. I was very inspired by the Leonardo da Vinci painting, Salvator Mundi, that recently sold and smashed all sorts of records (article about the painting, click here). As if the works of art themselves aren’t enough to capture the imagination, finding treasure when you least expect is inspiring.

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