Springing forward!


Sorry for the silence.

Winter is a season of long nights, dreary days, afternoon coffee, and lots of writing. I try to stay consistent with my projects year-round. But something about the winter (maybe being trapped indoors and dreaming of escape?) inspires me to work hard.

I’m editing a project and am so excited to share all the details when I can. Yep! I’m being cagey, but it’s all good news. Working with a new editor is exciting. I’ve got a steep learning curve and am determined to rise to the challenge. I’m in the process of polishing the manuscript to a high shine and don’t have a release date or cover yet. When I do, I’ll post!

The process involves a bit of hurry-up and wait. During the downtime, I’m letting my imagination run free. I have ideas for six novels and novellas and am tackling them one at a time. I gave myself permission to write without any restrictions on the most current project. I didn’t focus on a certain length or on a particular line. The result is a first draft that flew out of me in eleven days. I’ll be continuing to add layers and develop the story.

It’s been a very fun project about a dream trip and a split second decision to tell a little white lie…

I’ll be working on another novella for Sariah Wilson’s Royals of Monterra Kindle World next. And today I submitted another unpublished project to a contest. Basically, I’m writing, editing, dreaming and having a fabulous spring.


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