Working Vacation

Summer is winding down for my kids and we are spending one last week at the beach. I’m ready for back to school and schedules so I can get back into the swing of consistent writing time. But, I never regret time spent together.

And luckily, have laptop will travel. I’ve learned over the past few years that I can adapt and get good work done anywhere. I’m nearing the end of one project with my editor (and saw the gorgeous cover this week!!!) and have more at various stages. I can’t wait to share these sweet stories with you.

I haven’t published in nearly a year (and my last–a Kindle World story–was pulled last month alongside the other fan fiction novellas) but I promise the new characters are worth the wait. The next book–a sweet romance set in Chicago–will tug at your heart. (Stay tuned!) I also have a meet cute set on a cruise ship sailing Alaska and my updated twist on Holiday Inn.

Hope your summer has flown with great days too! I’m almost at the ready to pull out sweaters stage of hot weather fatigue. Living in the upper Midwest, autumn is our best season but winter is so close on its heels.

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