Countdown to Countdown to Christmas


This picture is from Pixabay but might also be EXACTLY how I feel right now!

I love Christmas and in the spirit of Scrooge (more McDuck than Ebeneezer), I keep it in my heart all year round. As a kid, I watched VHS tapes of Holiday TV specials whenever I was sick. I am always planning out my Christmas decorations (in the spring, planting additional shrubs for more net light displays, in the fall, crafting garlands and wreaths). And I love nothing more than a December-set romance story!

I have an agreement with my husband not to decorate until the day after Thanksgiving. BUT I start the seasonal assault on the senses in October.

Smell (Every room gets a tree-scented fragrance–helps until we cut down our real tree); Taste (cookies!!!); Touch (velvet flannel sheets once the weather turns here in the Midwest); Sound (Dean Martin sings carols from October on); and of course, Sight (every TV set to the Hallmark Channel by default).

If you read my stories, it comes as no surprise I’m a HUGE fan of Hallmark Channel. I love the beautiful sets, the tender romances, and the holiday joy seeping into every inch. I’ve been anxiously counting down to TONIGHT and the start of Countdown to Christmas. And, the best news, Hallmark has an app out today giving the schedule of every movie!

Happy viewing!

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