What I’m up to (so far this year) #amwriting #amediting #romancebooks

Good morning!

I realized I never set any sort of public goal for myself. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you may have caught my 2019 word of the year: Focus.

My goal for 2019 is to focus on the projects and people I love.

Sounds easy enough, right?

I’m currently working with my editor on a new project I’m calling: #projecthijinxensue

I’ve entered another novel (#projectshowbiz) into the Soon-To-Be-Famous Illinois Manuscript competition

For #amediting, I have the following first drafts to edit and submit:

  • #projectfaux
  • #projectmagicchicken
  • Sequel to #projectshowbiz
  • Sequel to A Perfect Picture of Us

In the #amwriting category:

  • I will write the third novel in the A Perfect Picture of Us world
  • I will edit and update my former Kindle World novella and self-publish Royal Collection
  • I will write and edit the companion novella to Royal Collection and self-publish

And, somewhere along the way, I’ll start chasing another plot bunny and write another first draft (or several) to keep myself busy next year too.

I’ll be tracking my daily word counts again. I’m blown away by the authors writing 400,000 words a year and up. I was over 200,000 for 2018 and with so much to edit this year, not sure how much over that I’ll climb. But it’s fun to see the progress every day.

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