Mood boards and such


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When I’m writing a first draft, I don’t often utilize mood boards. I have a clear picture in my head and seeing other images distracts me from the story. I often save specific links for research, but it’s not until I dive into editing that I start searching for tangible proof of the novel I conceived.




My publisher is interested in what the story looks like to help with the cover art. And, this is also a fun distraction when I get stuck during a difficult editing session.

While writing Love Overboard, I had a mood board during the entire process. I didn’t add much to start, but I needed to keep track of various excursions and travel itineraries. If you want to see the entire board, click here. I set this story on my dream trip (crossing my fingers, I’ll be taking in a few years) and escaping into these online resources was easy.

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