Why I love cruise vacations (and can’t wait to travel again, hopefully soon!)


By now, it’s become pretty clear I love cruises. (Cough, I wrote a cruise ship romance titled Love Overboard, cough cough) After the pandemic, I can’t wait to travel again. With any luck, I’ll be boarding my next cruise in a little over a year.

I was looking back through my posts and realize I’ve never really specified why.

Reasons I love cruising:

Great for couples

Even with the kids. My husband and I took a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon. He was hooked after that trip. Returning with our children, we have the chance to spend time in the adults only pool while they are entertained at one of the clubs (which they love). It’s nice to take a family trip, and still get some one-on-one time with your spouse.

Relaxing or Adventuring–your choice

My kids love an adventure. On vacation, my husband and I would prefer to sleep. On a cruise, everyone wins. On the days at sea, my kids are kept entertained by counselors and I can read a good book in a deck chair by the pool. By the time we reach a port, my husband and I are rested enough to enjoy a fun excursion with the kids.

Not living out of a suitcase

Unpacking one time is really something wonderful. Because I don’t have to worry about my suitcase, I love bringing a change of clothes for dinner each night (including a cocktail dress for formal night) and on the beautiful ship, you’ll feel very posh in heels and a cute dress. 


Movies? Check. Stage shows? Check. Comedy? Check.  The stage shows are spectacular. And again, I love the ability to choose what everyone wants to do. My youngest hates the big Broadway productions but my oldest loves the shows. Typically, one of the adults will watch the show and the other will take the younger to a movie

But wait, I hate crowds!

Oh yes, I do, too. So does my father. When I proposed my parents join my family of four on a trip a few years ago, I knew they were skeptical. My parents had taken a number of cruises on the smaller Viking river ships but were intimidated by the capacity (which was almost 3 times the size) on the Disney Dream.

They were pleasantly surprised. We are early-risers (except for my husband) and at every turn seemed to avoid the major crowds. By the time we had “finished” something (swimming in the pool, private island day), the majority of our fellow travelers “started” the same activity. We were able to navigate through the cruise ship freely and besides the mandatory muster drill, never felt squished or crowded.

After that trip, my father was convinced to take his first ocean cruise with one of their favorite companies. AND my parents are excited to take a big family trip with my family and my brothers’ next year. With the freedom to go our own ways during the day and meet up again at dinner, I’m sure everyone will have a magical time.

Crossing our fingers we will be able to set sail in a year. We are planning another multi-generational family trip, this time with my brother and his family along. These are priceless memories in the making.



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