Forced proximity = scheduled creativity?

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Hello, friends! If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen recent posts about hitting the halfway mark on a first draft in April. Since January, I’ve been struggling to finish that project. I’m delighted to announce I finished the draft.

Long before lockdown, I hit a creative impasse. Not writer’s block. I adapted my writing style a few years ago. I plot and outline. I know what I need to write. Getting my butt into the chair to type was difficult. 2020 started complicated and only picked up speed from there.

Adjusting to our new normal is a constantly evolving process. I’m back to scheduling time for my writing, something I’d taken for granted with both kids in school full-time. I need to set boundaries for productivity (if I only have an hour, you bet I’ll get words done!). And I need to be present for my kids. Together, we’re adapting. It’s not sunshine and rainbows every moment. Together, we’re figuring out each day. I’m lucky.

Currently, I’m editing several projects. I have an easier time switching back and forth from mom-mode to writer-mode during edits. But creating new words is what recharges my spirit. I have three new story ideas (all sequels). My goal for the summer is to finish two first drafts and have the third fully outlined. I’m ready!

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