Book dedications

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When I’m writing, I don’t discuss my works in progress with anyone. I believe that telling the story before it’s written, kills it because in explaining the overarching plot I don’t have to discover the twists and turns and nuances. That story’s been told, move on.

But, as I work through each project, I sort of have someone in mind. I dedicated Love Overboard to my Dad. The novel really pushed me to buckle down and work hard, exactly what he’s taught me my entire life. I have another book for my darling husband. That project is “his” because it has morphed a few times and with his encouragement, I keep working until the story really started to shine.

My next novel, Holidays, Inc., is dedicated to my Mom. Growing up, Mom stoked my love of old movie musicals. This book is a story that lurked in the idea stage in a folder in my desk for years. Over the years, Mom and I have had so many shared experiences that impacted the creation of the story. I’m so excited to share the book!



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