Reviews are in!

N.N. Light’s Book Heaven 5/5 stars

“Holidays, Inc. is a sweet small-town holiday romance you won’t be able to put down. It’s a quirky enemies to lovers romance filled with small-town charm, characters you’ll simply adore, and more. The sparring between Dani and Paul adds just enough drama without being mean-spirited. The plot moves at a great pace and I found myself whipping through the pages to see what would happen next. The ending was a classic Hallmark ending and it made me grin. Rachelle Paige Campbell is a wonderful romance writer who blends flawed characters with falling in love beautifully. If you’re looking for a fun holiday romance about a small-town dinner theater, pick up Holidays, Inc. today. Highly recommend!”

Bookworm Lisa

“My thoughts: Second chances come in ways that are least expected.
Dani and Paul have both been disillusioned by life in Hollywood.  Dani was stabbed in the back as a child actress by those she should have trusted and Paul was also hurt by a partner.  They both have wounds that need to heal and the place that they retreated to was a small town in Wisconsin.  Paul came home feeling a failure and Dani was searching for a sense of home and community that she needed.
I love the relationship that starts as “enemies” which turns into friends and finally attraction.  The way they banter and relate to each other was a pleasure to read.  Both find it hard to trust and their trust is tested when an old “friend” of Dani comes to town.  It is a great reminder that new dreams can be made and priorities shifted.  I am also reminded that the best things that come in life happen when least expected.
If you are looking for a book that makes you “feel good”.  This is a great one to pick up.”

Paranormal Romance Guild 4/5 stars

“This beautiful love story hits a roadblock when Kara Kensington, a popular actress and friend of Dani’s comes to the theater. She and Paul sing a few songs together and from that point on there are lies and betrayals and a long road to HEA. Can Dani and Paul overcome the lies, will the town survive, and will their hope for starting over be a successful one?”

The Review Crew

“As the two deal with their own struggles and their potential love match, we are introduced to a town with that Stars Hollow small town feel with supporting characters you can’t help but fall in love with. The town is so full of support and hope, the kind of community we all want to have surround us. I truly enjoyed getting to know each character and wanted them to succeed in their adventures. 

While putting the final touches on my review, I came across the title with Find New Hope Book 1 and let me tell you, I’m certainly hoping there is a book two I will be anxiously awaiting its arrival. I cannot get enough of this sweet little town.”

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